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You and your colleagues are cordially invited to attend TDA Summit VII, June 26-27 at the fabulous Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. <http://eblasts.vegastechgroup.com/t/r-l-quylkiy-ajijkhlhi-r/>

The Poker TDA was formed in 2001 to help standardize poker tournament rules. Summit VII will be one of the most significant meetings in TDA history; all rules are up for review along with many important new subjects. Each delegate has one vote so your participation is vital!
Summit VII is for TDs, CRMs, poker directors, and floor staff of poker tournaments of all sizes. Join delegates from all over the world for this unique learning and networking opportunity.

This event is free to TDA members, courtesy of Genesis Gaming, developer of the leading poker room and pit management systems and the Bravo Poker Live information network <http://eblasts.vegastechgroup.com/t/r-l-quylkiy-ajijkhlhi-y/>.

To RSVP for TDA Summit VII, click here. <http://eblasts.vegastechgroup.com/t/r-l-quylkiy-ajijkhlhi-j/>  For updated Summit agenda information and Aria room specials, click here. <http://eblasts.vegastechgroup.com/t/r-l-quylkiy-ajijkhlhi-t/>

If you would like to submit suggestions for new rules, or edits to existing rules, use the Rules Suggestions form here. <http://eblasts.vegastechgroup.com/t/r-l-quylkiy-ajijkhlhi-i/>

We look forward to seeing you at TDA Summit VII. If we can answer any questions, and for media inquiries please contact: TDAGroup@PokerTDA.com  PokerTDA Logo.png<http://i4.cmail1.com/ei/r/1C/D16/285/144126/april%2015%202015%20eblast%20summit%20announcement_files/image002.gif>

Very best regards,
The Poker TDA Board of Directors
Matt Savage, Jack Effel, Jan Fisher, Linda Johnson, Dave Lamb, Tab Duchateau, Neil Johnson, & Mike Bishop

To RSVP for TDA Summit VII and/or suggest rules changes, click here. <http://eblasts.vegastechgroup.com/t/r-l-quylkiy-ajijkhlhi-d/>
For special Aria room discounts, click here. <http://eblasts.vegastechgroup.com/t/r-l-quylkiy-ajijkhlhi-h/>
To join the Poker TDA, click here <http://eblasts.vegastechgroup.com/t/r-l-quylkiy-ajijkhlhi-k/>
Please support the generous sponsors of TDA Summit VII:
Genesis Gaming Solutions, developers of the Bravo Family of poker room and pit management systems, live tournament information apps, and casino tables, chips, cards and accessories. <http://eblasts.vegastechgroup.com/t/r-l-quylkiy-ajijkhlhi-u/>
Aria Resort and Casino <http://eblasts.vegastechgroup.com/t/r-l-quylkiy-ajijkhlhi-o/>
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