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: Bloating Pot With A/K Suited : Bad Turn Play :  ( 1331 )
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« : Jun 24, 2014 at 07:02 »

Havent got alot of infomation on villain bar that he his fairly agressive and his range on the button or big blind is very wide as far as i can tell (Havent seen him fold his button or BB in around 6/7 orbits). A few hands ago i saw him check raise someone in postion then fold to a very small bet on river & also

8/16 (4 ante) Poker Stars Ring Game :

HERO (Me) $62.76 dollars) Button
 Villian $35.40 dollars) BB
 Villian : Limps for 0.16
 Button- Fold
 SB - Fold
 HERO : Ac/Kc - Raise to 0.64
 Villian : Calls 0.48

 Flop : 2c/Ad/5h
 Villians : Raise Raise to $1.15 (Roughly Pot)
 HERO : Call $1.15

Turn : 10d

 Villians : Raise to $3
 HERO : Re-rasie to $9.50
 Villian : 3 Bet to $15
 HERO : Call extra $5.50

 River : Ah
 Villians : Insta Shoves all in for $18.61
 HERO : Calls $18.61

 SHOWDOWN : Villians Shows 5/5 for Full House
: HERO shows A/K for 3 of a kind Aces :

Wierdly through-out all this hand i had a bad feeling and wanted to just C/C or flat call all the way but for some reason i decied to bump it up on the turn when the second diamond hit, dident want to let him runner runner me. My biggest downfall is the shove at the end, what else would he be shoving with? A smaller Ace ? Possible but unlikley . When i was in the hand it stank of boat beacuse i had bloated the pot i was sort of priced in. So yea one of the worst plays on my part any suggestions or advise would be helpfull .
: 9999

« #1 : Jun 24, 2014 at 08:59 »

As the saying goes, don't go broke with one pair. I know you tripped up on the River but the action on the Turn is what really got the pot big. That said, I could easily see villain having AK as well in that situation. A bit of a cooler especially after the River hits but I'm personally not re-raising the Turn.

(not a real alcoholic beverage)
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« #2 : Jun 24, 2014 at 11:12 »

Villain told you he has a set or a straight (unlikely with calling a PF raise) with his 3-bet on the turn. He might be aggressive, but you already have observed that he is capable of folding after a (check-raise) bluff. You re-raised him on the turn, but he 3-bet. He is not bluffing here. Preflop action make AK unlikely.
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« #3 : Jun 24, 2014 at 16:25 »

It looks like he's donking an ace on the flop, and I think a call there is very good. When he leads the turn, just call and then fold to a barrel on most rivers, imo. Now, if an ace comes then and he leads, I'd say call because it's usually only trip aces. As played, when he clickbacks the turn, fold because he's totally announced a flopped set or straight at the point. On river, when he instashoves, fold because he's full almost every time, at least without history between you.
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