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: NL 25 two pairs on the draw board.  ( 1354 )

« : May 22, 2013 at 21:13 »

Opp is a reg with 380 hands, calls from BB vs BU 30%, raises Cbet off the position 13%, WTSD 36%, WWSF 40. Should I call on flop? Big stacks.

Replay the hand on http://macropoker.com/replay/log/377
Prostocheck (UTG) ($32.14, (128.6bb))
SemmelPo (MP1) ($42.65, (170.6bb))
alonso1184 (CO) ($19.90, (79.6bb))
Hero (BU) ($36.69, (146.8bb))
vkartmann (SB) ($25.10, (100.4bb))
mihauku (BB) ($49.41, (197.6bb))

Pre-Flop: ($0.35, 6 players)   Hero is BU

3 folds, Hero raises to $0.62, vkartmann  folds, mihauku calls $0.37,

Flop: ($1.34, 2 players)

 mihauku checks,Hero bets $1, mihauku raises to $3.30, Hero calls $2.30,

Turn: ($7.94, 2 players)

 mihauku bets $5, Hero calls $5,

River: ($17.94, 2 players)

 mihauku checks,Hero bets $13.25, mihauku  folds,

: 9999

« #1 : May 22, 2013 at 21:52 »

After villain bets on the Turn, why the flat call? If he is on a Spade draw why not raise there?

(not a real alcoholic beverage)
: 3121

« #2 : May 26, 2013 at 23:03 »

I don't mind the call on the flop at all (he'll barrel the turn a lot OOP if you just call, I think), but you have to raise turn, imo.
He's going to c/f a lot of rivers, I think. He won't bluff any missed FDs since you look like you are strong, and he may not pay off with a king for the same reason either.

You both have plenty behind, so go for stacks if he hits a flush on the river (he played it like a possible FD) or something.

This could look bluffy and he could call here with Kx hands (especially Kx of spades, of course) and it's got to be good for metagame/your overall image vs. villain and rest of table, whereas the line of b/c flop, call turn on that board looks like you're strong.

I think for this specific hand, we likely need more info like dynamics between you two and more stats/reads.

Also, I suggest using the Poker Strategy and Skills Board in the future. I certainly hope there are more.
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