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: Back story of 1/2 PLHE game (hands to follow)  ( 967 )
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« : Aug 19, 2012 at 14:11 »

If this belongs in the strategy forum, mods let me know.  I wasn't sure where the most appropriate place was.  I want to put

So, Black Friday really put a damper on my poker playing (duh).  Games in my small town aren't as good as they were in 2005-2008 and they run much less frequently. However, over the summer I have went back to a not-so local game that runs a few nights per week.  I played in this game for a few years before I got married, and I played sporadically with them since my son was born a few years ago. 

So, the game is a pretty neat setup.  A guy owns an apartment lets the host use an empty one to host (I'm sure they have a deal worked out, but I don't know what it is).  They have 4 tables and free food.  They have a couple of tournaments per week (I'll show you the laughable structure sometime...it's horrible) and then a 1/2 PLHE game runs in the "main room".  Sometimes a must-move/feeder table will start up on the weekends. 

The player pool is probably around 60-80 players of people who come a few times per month (the game runs 3-4 nights per week).  The players are mostly 45-65 years old, though several young players have found their way into the game since the last time I was a regular.  The players overall are bad...really bad.  Loose doesn't begin to describe it.  Pots get bloated pretty big, because they all come to gamble.  For the most part, everyone is very friendly and is there to have fun.  I would imagine that most of them are losing players, but not by huge amounts, some are big losers, and very few of us win regularly. 

Strategy-wise, most of them are super loose, with the only difference being that about half are passive with all hands and half are aggressive with almost all hand.  It isn't unusual for top pair/medium kicker to win $200+ pots.

OK, now that the general idea is out there, I'll post some hands.  I thought background was slightly important.

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