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: Finally, a winning live session....  ( 1922 )
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« : Aug 30, 2009 at 12:46 »

It's been a long time.  Played $1/$2 at Seneca Niagara last night.  18 tables, room was packed, got on the shortest list which was $40 min, $100 max.  Not the biggest fan of short stack play but the other lists were huge and I didn't feel like waiting around.

Typical table dynamic.  A mix of solid players with huge donks.  A husband and wife went through ~$400 between the 2 of them in the 2 hours they were there.

Only a few big hands to speak of.  Raised UTG +1 w/ black QQ to $15, 2 callers.  Flopped  ahearts khearts 4clubs, bet $25 and took it down.

Folded for an orbit or so, UTG straddled, I raised to $15 w/  kdiamonds thearts, everyone folded.  Very next hand I'm UTG+1 w/  kdiamonds khearts, make it $15 again (and actually said, "let's try $15 again"). Lady to my left - solid tight aggressive player w/ about $300 behind - calls, and button (drunk husband from previous mention) calls.  Flop is Ace, rag, rag.  I check, lady bets out $20, button calls, I fold (would have shoved on her if button dumped, she was very capable of making a play at that flop).  Turn goes check, check.  She puts him all in on the river asking him to show her the Ace.  He mucks and she takes it down w/QQ.  Said he had 99.

Cards went cold, made some raises, folded to ugly flops, dwindled down to ~$80 or so.  Then won a big hand.  Set up:  UTG +1 makes it $10 to go, 2 callers (I folded).  Flop is 779.  MP flopped 9's full and felts UTG+1 who had AA.  He reloads.

Very next hand UTG (who just had his Aces cracked for those not paying attention) makes it $10 to go again.  1 caller, I call on button w/ 88.  3 to the flop.  Dealer loves me and puts out 478 rainbow.   UTG bets out $40 MP tanks and folds (this was drunk husband and he said he folded 54, WTF ??? ?), I shove for just a bit more than min raise, he obv. calls and shows QQ.  Just to rub it in I turn quads and double up.  Dude was STEAMING.  Thankfully reloaded again (but went on to run over the table and make both buy ins back.  He was good, just got unlucky in those spots.).

Last hand of the night, I raise in cutoff w/  aspades qspades and MP player calls.  Flop is  kspades jspades 8clubs.  Check, check.  Turn is  kclubs, he takes the lead, betting $15, call.  River is  9spades (so close :'(), He fires $15, I call (figuring I would only get called/shoved on by something better if I raise) and take down another big pot.

All in all a good night.  The guy I went with lost $200 in the poker room, went to play black jack and made $300 there, came back to the poker room and lost another $100 buy in staying even for the night.  I Cashed out ~$200 (lost some here and there between the big pots), got some nice f-me eyes from the masseuse (hussy just trying to make a buck, I'm not that cute :P), and just had a good time.

Some people are like slinkies.  Not really good for anything but they bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.
Midnight Rose
Global Moderator
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« #1 : Sep 08, 2009 at 00:48 »

Still playing catch-up.  Great trip report, and great winning night.  Was rooting for the SF, but what can you do.
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